【Japan Women's Innovative Network @Hiroshima】 | 【公式】NPO法人 PCV |Peace Culture Village
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【Japan Women’s Innovative Network @Hiroshima】

【Japan Women’s Innovative Network @Hiroshima】






PCV members Mary and Kenta met women business executives from the Japan Women’s Innovative Network (J-Win) when they visited Hiroshima.

We spent the day together discussing the lessons and power of Hiroshima, future applications of technology to spread peace, and the importance of diverse leadership in business.

The day’s activities included a Park Park and Museum tour by Mary and Kenta, a visit with Mr. Tetsuya Matsuda, president of Mazda, a VR experience hosted by NTT Docomo staff, and a presentation and okonomiyaki dinner hosted by CEO of Otafuku Holdings, Mr. Shigeki Sasaki.

We felt humbled to spend the day in such esteemed company, and inspired by their work promoting women’s empowerment, diversity & inclusion and peace culture.

Thank you so much to Kikuko Shirakawa and her colleagues for a truly thought-provoking day.

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