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PCV held an online peace education program for youth from over 20 different countries who are studying abroad in Japan with AFS Intercultural Programs. While many of them entered the program to learn about the tragedy of the atomic bombing, some also knew about the charms of Hiroshima City, such as delicious okonomiyaki and the Carp baseball team, from their time living in Japan.

The exchange students listened intently to atomic bomb survivor Toshiko Tanaka speak about her experience of August 6, 1945. In the ensuing Q&A, they asked questions such as:

・Do you hope that young people will carry on the legacy of the atomic bomb survivors?
・What was the most difficult part of your life in the years after the bombing?
・How do you feel about portrayals of the atomic bombing in media or movies like Oppenheimer?

At the close of the program, Toshiko urged students to make friends from around the world as a small step towards creating a peaceful world. We thank all the AFS students for their participation, for connecting with their peers and for thinking about what they can do to create a peace culture.

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