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【AFS オンラインプログラム 2023】

【AFS オンラインプログラム 2023】
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Every year, PCV staff is honored to hold online Hiroshima experiences for high school students from around the world who are studying abroad in Japan through AFS Intercultural Programs.

Our most recent AFS program was attended by 70 students and volunteers from over 30 countries. It was PCV’s most diverse program to date!

The program featured an atomic bomb survivor testimony by Toshiko Tanaka and a lively discussion afterwards. Students asked Toshiko:
・Were you able to forgive Americans for the atomic bombing after the war?
・What health affects did you suffer from?
・How were atomic bomb survivors treated in Japanese society after the bombing?
・What advice would you give to the younger generation to build a peaceful world?

To the final question, Toshiko urged the students to think about their future and act not from the standpoint of their own nation only, but as a global citizen concerned about the wellbeing of all.

Thank you, as always, to Toshiko Tanaka and Reiko Tashiro for collaborating on this amazing program. It was an incredible learning experience for our staff as well!

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