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【TP COIL  オンライン平和学習】

【TP COIL  オンライン平和学習】

PCVメンバーは「世界展開力強化事業(TP COIL)」に参加するアメリカの大学生を対象に、オンラインの学習体験を主催しました。TP COlLとは、日米の大学を結ぶバーチャルエクスチェンジのプログラムで、合同オンライン授業やインターンシップ活動、文化学習などを行っています。



このプログラムの機会を作ってくださったTP COILの皆さん、ICUの皆さん、ありがとうございました!

PCV members held an online learning experience from American college students participating in TP COIL (Trans Pacific Collaborative Online International Learning), an virtual exchange program that links universities in the US and Japan through joint online classes, internship opportunities, cultural learning and more.

Participating students majored in a range of subjects, from film to psychology. We were happy to hear from them about their love of Japan, hopes to travel to or live in Japan someday, and desire to learn about Hiroshima.

After learning about the story of hibakusha Toshiko Tanaka and reflecting on the lessons of Hiroshima, the students asked questions about culture shock when going to a foreign country, strategies to learn Japanese and work in Japan, and what it’s like to live in Hiroshima.

Thank you TP COIL staff and ICU for creating the opportunity for this program!

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