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【University of Michigan GSP Interns】

【University of Michigan GSP Interns】





For the past 6 months, PCV has been working with 11 interns from the Global Scholars Program at University of Michigan, a living-learning community that trains students in dialogue, intercultural competence and leadership.

Along with learning about Hiroshima, PCV’s work and the message of the hibakusha, our interns have helped PCV staff to brainstorm ideas for global programs and are currently working on planning a dialogue workshop for PCV youth members.

They worked together to create a video testimonial addressing the hibakusha and PCV’s youth peace leaders that debuted at Peace Culture Festival, PCV’s largest event of the year. We are so grateful to our interns for all of their hard work, and for affirming and supporting our community of peace builders in Hiroshima.

You can view our interns’ video testimonial here:

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