【English below】PCV代表のスティーブン・リーパーが、今月NHKの国際報道に登場しました! | 【公式】NPO法人 PCV |Peace Culture Village
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【English below】PCV代表のスティーブン・リーパーが、今月NHKの国際報道に登場しました!

【English below】PCV代表のスティーブン・リーパーが、今月NHKの国際報道に登場しました!




PCV founder, Steven Leeper, was featured on NHK’s international news segment this month!

Steve shares his reaction to the imminent entry into force of the Nuclear Ban Treaty and the importance of eliminating nuclear weapons.

Also included is footage of Steve from his time as chairman of the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation, and commentary from atomic bomb survivors and American college students.

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