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【UNIC Director Kaoru Nemoto @ PCA】English below

【UNIC Director Kaoru Nemoto @ PCA】English below




@miharu_kobayashi_ 、素敵なグラレコをありがとうございました!

Peace Culture Academy, PCV’s online school for youth peace leaders, welcomed UN Information Centre @unic_tokyo Director Kaoru Nemoto as a guest lecturer this semester. In her talk, she spoke about her own journey, from TV journalism to UNHCR to SDGs education and promotion. She stressed the importance of communication skills for peace builders and encouraged PCA members to think of themselves as global citizens. 

During the following Q&A, she and the participants talked about the strength and resilience of refugees and women, the importance of listening to and standing with marginalized communities, and successes and hurdles she has experienced in promoting the SDGs in Japan. Our members were incredibly inspired by Nemoto-san’s story and wisdom.

Nemoto-san also joined us as a commentator during Peace Culture Festival, PCA’s largest event of the year, when our youth leaders can present their learnings and visions for the future. Thank you so much Nemoto-san for visiting PCA this semester!

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