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Thank you for visiting our SUPPORT US page! When you support PCV, you give people precious opportunities to personalize, catalyze, and synergize peace culture in their own lives. However you choose to donate, your contribution helps connect people across national, language, and cultural barriers through the lessons of Hiroshima.


PEAC Institute is a nonprofit 501c3 public charity incorporated in New Jersey, USA. They are our fiscal sponsor in the USA and an important mission partner. We have been working together to foster a global peace culture for over 4 years now.

When you donate, you will be redirected to PEAC’s website, where your contribution will be tax deductible.


PCV designs educational and experiential programs that facilitate open exploration and personal discovery, opportunities for peace culture to emerge from each one of us. The definition and impact of peace culture evolves with each new perspective, each new “peace” added to the puzzle. By supporting PCV, you help:

  • Facilitate encounters and create spaces through which people hone their visions of a peaceful world.
  • Create global connections and international friendships.
  • Promote peace education, nonviolent conflict resolution, intercultural understanding, and empathy.
  • Encourage the next generation of leaders in Hiroshima.
  • Support social entrepreneurship, especially as it relates to peace and the SDGs.
  • Develop models of sustainable living that create a healthy community for all inhabitants
  • Preserve and disseminate the experiences of a-bomb survivors.


Most Villagers contribute through monthly donations. However, Villager status comes with commitment and contribution. We recognize time, knowledge, skills, tools, plants and animals, physical labor, IT labor, community relations labor, and other in-kind contributions.

If you prefer to contribute financially, please do. But if you can contribute in other ways, please fill out the contact form on our website. Let’s talk!

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