【Peace Culture Academy: 第2回目のPEACE PORTALワークショップ】English below | 【公式】NPO法人 PCV |Peace Culture Village
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【Peace Culture Academy: 第2回目のPEACE PORTALワークショップ】English below

【Peace Culture Academy: 第2回目のPEACE PORTALワークショップ】English below

平和文化リーダーのためのオンラインスクール、PCA (Peace Culture Academy) は、「平和を実践するコミュニケーション」であるダイアログをテーマに第2回PEACE PORTALを開催しました。PCAメンバーら25人が計4カ国から参加しました。




Peace Culture Academy, PCV’s online school for peace culture leaders, held its second PEACE PORTAL workshop on the theme of dialogue as a “communicative practice of peace.” 25 PCA members and affiliates from four countries participated.

Intercultural facilitation expert and director of the University of Michigan Global Scholars Program, Dr. Benjamin Peters, discussed the importance of dialogue in his own life and for peace culture leaders. He explained that, when we engage in dialogue, we invite our conversation partner into the peaceful world we know is possible through listening, learning, validation, and authenticity. He then taught us concrete skills in dialogue.

Discussion ranged from intergenerational dialogue to the role of silence and dialogue, from empathy building to the challenges of dialoguing with unwilling conversation partners.

Thank you so much Benjie for an impactful workshop! We at PCV and PCA are so excited to put what we learned to good use.

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