【English bellow】PCVメンバーは2回目のファシリテーションの講座を受けました! | 【公式】NPO法人 PCV |Peace Culture Village
English を支援する

【English bellow】PCVメンバーは2回目のファシリテーションの講座を受けました!

【English bellow】PCVメンバーは2回目のファシリテーションの講座を受けました!




PCV members took the second facilitation course!
Facilitation skills are really important for PCV members since we have many opportunities for dialogue such as school excursion students and peace park tours. 
Through learning privious course, we created a “place” for an event as a facilitator.
We disided the time and contents in detail using the table, and received advice, which made for a deeper learning experience!
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