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【CIEE English program】

【CIEE English program】
(English follows Japanese)

・被爆者 堀江壮さんのお話
・IKIGAI Workshop

PCV held a workshop for 18 American students visiting Hiroshima for a CIEE International Education Exchange Council program.

Over the past three years, our Peace Buddies have conducted programs for English speakers online, but this was their first time to conduct such a program in-person. Peace Buddy members began training as guides a month before the program. PCV staff member Mary helped them with pronunciation and nuclear weapons-related words. They practiced by talking to people in Peace Park.

On the day of the program, we spent a very intense time together from morning until late afternoon. The itinerary included:
・Soh Horie’s atomic bomb survivor testimony
・Visiting Peace Memorial Museum
・A Tour of Peace Park
・ An ikigai-themed workshop

At the end of the program, both the Peace Buddies and the American students were sad to say goodbye, and we felt that the time we spent together was really meaningful.

People from overseas are slowly returning to Hiroshima, so we are looking forward to the day when we will have another in-person program in English.

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